PT.Citramegah Karya Gemilang


To achieve the construction objective, Contractor will follow the service mentioned below:

    • Assign high caliber management and supervisory staff, to ensure efficient and professional planning, control and execution of the work scope.
    • Recruit fully competent, experienced, indigenous craftsmen and workers, to ensure that the required productivity and quality of workmanship is achieved.
    • Mobilize equipment that is either new or in excellent working condition, to minimize loss of productivity as the result of mechanical downtime.
    • Supply craftsmen and workers with good quality, comprehensive tool kits, to enable them to achieve the productivity and quality of workmanship expected of them.
    • Enforce a safety program intended to eliminate accidents or incidents, thereby maximizing productivity.
    • Establish a security system, intended to eliminate loss of materials and other assets, the time for whose replacement would adversely affect the schedule.
    • Implement a QA/QC program, including provisions for material control. Intended to eliminate corrections or repetition of work, and loss of materials owning to incorrect handling, storage or usage.
    • Adopt a realistic, but aggressive construction schedule closely monitored to identify potential or actual slippages, if any, so allowing project management to put into action effective schedule recovery measures.
    • Establish a very efficient and practical logistic set up for the procurement of material to the satisfaction of the company.
    • Incorporate proven construction methods that are familiar to indigenous supervisors and workers, thus achieving the required productivity without a need for training or familiarization.
    • Erect temporary facilities such as site office, tool store, warehouse, materials lay down and areas for fabrication. The temporary facilities will be constructed to provide adequate floor space, security and weather protection (when required).
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